Call from Rep. Giffords too ‘personal’ for Washington lawmaker



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Posted on March 11, 2013 at 5:41 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 11 at 6:53 PM

OLYMPIA, Wash.  - Washington Representative Maureen Walsh did not mind getting a call from former U.S Representative Gabby Giffords, but Walsh just wishes it wasn’t on her personal cell phone.

“I have no animosity towards Representative Giffords,” said Walsh. “In the future if somebody’s going to give away my personal cell phone number, I’d appreciate if they get my permission first.”

Walsh, a Republican from Walla Walla, said Governor Jay Inslee told her he shared Walsh’s number with Giffords.

A Governor’s spokesperson said the office apologized to Walsh. The office did not realize they had given her personal number to Giffords.

The Governor called on Giffords to help build support for a Washington state bill requiring background checks for all gun sales.

Giffords, who survived a 2011 shooting in Tuscon, Arizona, is encouraging lawmakers across the country to pass similar legislation.

“Both Gabby Giffords and I believe it does a common sense thing,” said Inslee.

House Democrats and at least one Republican support the bill, but the prime sponsor, Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, said he only has 47 of the 50 votes needed to pass the bill.

The deadline for passing the bill out of the House is 5 p.m. Wednesday.