Photoshop whiz brings Seattle history back to life

Photoshop whiz brings Seattle history back to life.

SEATTLE - With his home computer, photo-shop and some historic photographs from Seattle's dramatic past, Clayton Kauzlaric is bringing history back to life on his popular blog "Northwest Then and Again".

He stitches together old photos with those set today, like one from 1942 that captures Japanese-Americans being led across Alaskan Way to trains bound for internment camps.

"I think one thing that helps bring that home is setting it in the present day," said Kauzlaric. "And realizing that right there, in this place that we walk by every day, something really remarkable happened."

Another stitched photos captures the shanty towns of the Great Depression where Terminal 46 stands now. There are also shots that feature the Denny Regrade set in modern Seattle.

"They flattened out thirty city blocks with the idea that it would be more conducive to development and progress," said Kauzlaric, who enjoys the feedback he's getting from his work.

"People say 'Really? There was a roller coaster in West Seattle?' Yeah. Yeah there was actually."

Kauzlaric's blog can be found at


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