Thousands at U.S. Capitol for 'Pibble March on Washington'

Thousands at U.S. Capitol for 'Pibble March on Washington'

Credit: Gabrielle Hall

Thousands of people gathered at the U.S. Capitol in support of pit bull terriers – commonly referred to as Pibbles.


by SUSAN WYATT / The Pet Dish


Posted on May 3, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Updated Monday, May 5 at 4:56 PM

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered at the U.S. Capitol in support of pit bull terriers – commonly referred to as Pibbles - at the first ever One Million Pibble March. The event was organized by comedian Rebecca Corry (Comedy Central, King of Queens, Last Comic Standing).

Corry, a Kent, Wash. native and founder of the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, worked for months to organize the event, which was held on the West Lawn of the Capitol.

 Marchers carried signs protesting breed-specific legislation.

There has been a push to ban so-called “bully breeds." Corry calls this “breed discrimination legislation.”

"Pit bull terriers are not to be feared, it is humanity that should be feared,” Corry said in a passionate speech at the event. "There is nothing more dangerous than a hate-filled human being. You add ignorance on top of that and you’re in trouble.”

“Today we are sending a message to legislators on the federal, state and local levels that killing and banning the victim is not and never will be OK or the answer."

At Saturday's rally, one woman carried a sign saying "Pit bulls deserve our pride not our prejudice."

A woman from Shirley's Angels Boxer Rescue carried a sign that told the story of "Creature."

They said Creature was "skeletal when animal control found him, chained to a tree. Now he's fat, happy and available for adoption."

The message from Shirley's Angels: "Ban bad owners."

President Obama has even come out about the ineffectiveness of the breed specific legislation (BSL) laws and ways to see it abolished.

Saturday's event was inspired by Corry’s own pit bull terrier, Angel, who was found in South Central Los Angeles. She had been used as a bait dog, physically abused and over bred.

"Young Americans blessed to be born in a first world country of hope and opportunity are setting dogs on fire, fighting them, starving them, hanging them, shooting them, drowning them, mutilating them and that is not OK," said Corry.

"Today we are sending the message to people outside the animal community that what is happening to pit bulls is not just an animal issue but rather a broken human and broken society issue that is in fact everyone’s problem and it will no longer be tolerated," said Corry.

"When lawmakers understand that a human that abuses a dog will likely and most oftentimes does go on to commit crimes against humans then and only then will those lawmakers do something,” she said. “Those lawmakers need to understand that violence against a dog today is violence against them, their kids or their loved ones tomorrow."

Key-note speaker at Saturday's event was Jamie Buehrle, wife of Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Mark Buehrle, whose family has been forced to live apart due to BSL laws

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