New high-tech ways to keep your pets happy


by KING 5 News

Posted on June 27, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 27 at 6:58 PM

Lilly is like many of the other pets in America - part of the family.

"I don't have children so Lille is like a child, fur child," said Barbara Babikian.

A “child” pet owner Babikian spends plenty of money on.

"I spend usually about three to $500 a month,” she said.

Some of it on the newest pet products. Lifestyle expert Charlotte Reed says there are plenty out there. She starts with a stress reliever.

"This is the world's first sound system for pets. It adjusts the levels for treble and base so it's a soothing for your pet,” said Reed.

She next moves to high tech.

"You might purchase an iPhone for your cat and he'll play with one of the phone apps called ‘Cat Toy' or you'll see Puppy Tweets where your animals moving around and Tweeting you during the day while you're at the office,” said Reed.

Want to make your pet smarter?

"There's a lot of games that promote spending time with your pet and bringing out his natural instincts. A lot of games where you'll hide a treat … great for intelligence but great for bringing out foraging instincts,” said Reed.

Pets putting on weight? There's a product for that too.

"Bowls which kind of regulate the feeding,” said Reed.

And if you're tired of cleaning kitty litter, here's a way to potty train.

"There's a tray very similar to the surface of the litter box, so he'll jump on the seat and you'll gradually move the tray away,” said Reed.

It's eco-friendly, too, along with other options.

"We're seeing harnesses and sweaters and coats made out of plastic, recycled water bottles. We're seeing beds now that are actually made so that you can take old clothing and stuff them inside the shell for dog bed,” said Reed.

The cool part about that?

"When you stick your clothes in here, more or less your dog will be able to smell you,” said Reed.

There are also several new products on the market to help with your home and eliminating stains and hair shedding. There's even a furniture line called Slobproof that claims to be impervious to stains and spills.

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