Remembering those lost in the landslide

Listed below are the people who have been confirmed dead or missing, either by official sources or through family members, in the fatal landslide March 22 near Oso, Wash. If you have additional information, contact us at or 206-448-5555.

Lives Lost

Thom and Mary Satterlee

Thom Satterlee, 65, and his wife Mary "Marcy" Satterlee, 61, lived on Steelhead Drive. Thom was a Marine in Vietnam. The Satterlee's granddaughter, Delaney Webb was visiting them with her fiancé Alan Bejvl, 21. Delaney and Alan were also killed.

Alan Bejvl and Delany Webb

Alan Bejvl, 21, and Delaney Webb, 19, were recently engaged and visiting Delaney's grandparents, Thom and Mary Satterlee, on March 22 at their home on Steelhead Drive. The Satterlees were also killed. Nichole Webb-Rivera, Delaney's mother and Marcy's daughter, lives in Houston and was thankful for all the support.

Billy Spillers

Billy Spillers, a Navy chief petty officer, lived on Steelhead Drive with his wife Jonielle and their four children. The Spillers and the kids were watching TV when the mudslide hit. Billy, his daughters Kaylee and Brooke, and stepson Jovon "Jojo" Mangual were among those killed. Rescuers found their 4-year-old son Jacob within hours. Jonielle was not home when the slide hit.

Kaylee Spillers

Kaylee Spillers, 5, was home with her father, brothers and sister when the landslide hit and destroyed their home. Kaylee's father Billy Spillers, sister Brooke, and brother Jovon "JoJo" Mangual, were also killed. Her 4-year-old brother Jacob was miraculously rescued by a helicopter shortly after the landslide hit. Her mother was not home when the slide hit.

Brooke Spillers

Brooke Spillers, 2, was with her family watching TV when the mudslide hit. Her father, Billy, her sister, Kaylee, and her brother Jovon "Jojo" Mangual, were also killed. Her brother, Jacob, was rescued within hours of the slide. Her mother, Jonielle, was not home when it happened.

Jovon "Jojo" Mangual

Jovon Mangual, 13, was a 7th grader at Post Middle School in Arlington where he played football. He was with his family, the Spillers, when the landslide hit. His step-father, Billy Spillers, and sisters Kaylee and Brooke Spillers, also died. His brother Jacob, 4, was rescued by helicopter. His mother, Jonielle Spillers, was at work during the slide.

Christina Jefferds

Christina Jefferds, 45, meant the world to her family. On the Friday before the slide, she spent the entire day with her husband Seth Jefferds, an Oso firefighter, and daughter Natasha Huestis. She was babysitting her 4-month-old granddaughter Sanoah on March 22, when the deadly landslide hit. Seth and Natasha were devastated by the loss and are trying to pick up their lives and start over, but they said they will miss Christina for the rest of their lives.

Sanoah Violet Huestis

Sanoah Violet Huestis was only 4 months old when the landslide took her and her grandmother, Christina Jefferds. Sanoah's name means "mist in the mountains" and her family said she is in the mountains now. Her mother and grandfather were still processing the overwhelming loss they suffered. They were determined to keep looking until Sanoah was recovered. On March 27 around 10 a.m., her body was located not far from where her grandmother was found.

Amanda Lennick

Amanda Lennick, 31, a nurse at Providence Medical Center in Everett, purchased her home on Steelhead Drive near the north fork of the Stillaguamish River on March 12, just a few days before the slide. According to her mother, Lennick, Steve Neal and Bill Welsh were working on the home when the slide hit. Steve Hadaway was installing a satellite dish at the time as well. According to her Facebook page, Lennick liked to work out and posted mantras that reflected a positive outlook on life.

Steve Neal

Steve Neal, 55, was a husband, father, and grandfather from Darrington. He was a plumber who took a service call to replace a water heater at a home on Steelhead Drive and was at the home when the landslide hit. His daughter Caroline held out hope that her father would somehow be found safe, but she learned he did not survive.

Bill Welsh

Bill Welsh, 66, was an electrician and Army veteran who served in Vietnam. On Saturday, March 22, Bill was helping Steve Neal on the plumbing job at Amanda Lennick's home. He lived some 28 miles away in Arlington with his wife Barbra. Bill graduated from Sedro-Wooley High School and married Barbra in Mount Vernon in 1971. He also leaves behind two sons and two grandsons.

Summer Raffo

Summer Raffo, 36, was a custodian at Darrington High School and in her off hours worked as a farrier. She was driving on Highway 530 on the way to shoe some horses when her car was swept 200 feet south of the road. She was one of 13 children. Her brother, Dayn Brunner, spent three days searching the debris before finding her body in the afternoon on March 26th.

Linda McPherson

Linda McPherson, 69, was a librarian who lived just outside Oso with her husband Gary. Linda died next to her husband, who was able to dig a hole out of the rubble for rescuers to find him.

Molly Kristine "Kris" and Leon "John" Regelbrugge III

Leon "John" Regelbrugge III, 49, was a Navy commander and a father. He was a 32-year veteran with three sons and two daughters. His father said Leon and his wife Kris, 44, had spoken to one of his brothers about an hour before the slide. The couple's youngest son, who still lived at the family home, had just left for work. The discovery of Kris' body was reported on July 22.

Brandy Ward

Brandy Ward, 58, was at her Steelhead Drive home with her husband, Tim, and her dogs at the time of the slide. Ward's husband survived the landslide along with one of her dogs. The medical examiner confirmed Tuesday morning, April 1, that she died in the slide.

Joe Miller

Joe Miller, 47, lived with on Steelhead Drive with his father Reed, who was at the grocery store before the slide hit. Joe operated a photography business out of his home, Northwest Photo Art. According to his sister, Pamela Sanford, he loved living along the Stillaguamish River. Pamela flew into nearby Arlington from Idaho to be with their dad at a local shelter.

Mark Gustafson

Mark Gustafson was born and raised in the small community of Belt, Montana. He just celebrated his 55th birthday on March 12th. Mark purchased his home on East Steelhead Drive in 1997.

Bonnie Gullikson

Bonnie, 91, lived on State Route 530 with her husband Larry "Bill" Gullikson, 81, for nearly 37 years. They were at the family home with their son, Kevin Tollenaar, 50, when the slide occurred. Kevin survived the slide and told reporters that it "felt like an earlthquake." He continues to search for his mother. Bill was rescued and is recovering at Harborview Medical Center from the injuries he suffered.

Larry and Sandy Miller

Larry, 58, and Sandy Miller, 64, lived in Everett but were in Oso working on their retirement home near the C Post Road Bridge when the landslide hit. As members of Northshore Christian Church, the couple were dedicated to the Marriage Ministry at the church.

Ron deQuilettes

Ron DeQuilettes, 52, was an electrician in Oso to do work on Larry and Sandy Miller's home. Born in the Netherlends, DeQuilettes was a husband, father and grandfather. He was a member of Parkridge Community Church in Bothell and was very involved in missionary work in Thailand. "I'm here," he texted his wife just before the slide. The couple met in Bible college 31 years ago and had four children.

Adam Farnes

Adam Farnes grew up in the fishing village of Cordova, Alaska. He moved to Washington only a few years ago when his parents Julie and Gerald "Jerry" Farnes retired and purchased a home in Oso. He was at home with his mother when the slide occurred. Julie was also killed. Adam worked at Mountain Lion Glass for Shane Ruthven, who was also killed with his wife, son and parents.

Steve and Theresa DeShazo Harris

Steve, 52, and Theresa DeShazo Harris, 53. Steve worked as a project manager and structural engineer for Elliott Bay Design Group in Seattle. The couple lived in Edmonds but had a cabin in Oso. Steve's sister Robyn Dombroski, described him as an avid fisherman. Steve and his wife Theresa had moved to the state from the Houston, Texas area.

Tom Durnell

Tom Durnell, 65, a native of Eugene, Ore., lived on Steelhead Drive with his wife, Debbie. She wasn't at home when the slide hit. The couple was married in 2010. Before retiring, Tom worked as a stage manager and carpenter for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Intiman Theater, according to the Eugene Register Guard.

Shane, Katie, Hunter and Wyatt Ruthven

Shane Ruthven, 43, and Katie Ruthven, 35, were at home with their children, Hunter, 6, and Wyatt, 4, and Shane's parents, Lewis "Lou" Vandenburg, 71, and Judee Vandenburg, 65, when the slide occurred. Lou and Judee were also killed. Shane and Katie owned Mountain Lion Glass.

Steve Hadaway

Steve Hadaway, 53, worked for Dish TV and was installing a satellite dish at Amanda Lennick's home when the landslide hit.

Julie Farnes

Julie Farnes, 59, delivered packages for UPS in Cordova, Wash., before her retirement. Her husband Jerry was not at home at the time of the landslide. On March 31, the medical examiner confirmed that Julie died in the slide. Her son, Adam, was also killed.

Jerry Logan and Shelley Bellomo

Jerry Logan, 63, and his partner Shelley Bellomo, 55, were home on East Steelhead Drive at the time of the landslide. Shelley "loved living by the river," her father, Pete Bellomo, told the Seattle Times. He said Jerry was an all-around handyman.

Lewis "Lou" and Judee Vandenburg

Lewis "Lou," 71, and Judee Vandenburg, 65, were at the home of son Shane Ruthven and his family at the time of the slide. Shane's family of four was also killed. Lou was a corrections officer at Airway Heights Correctional Facility in Spokane until he and Judee moved to Oso to be with Shane and his family.

Lon Slauson

Lon Slauson, 60, also lived on Steelhead Drive. He worked as a security guard at the Medallion Hotel in Arlington. He owned several properties in the neighborhood, purchased by his parents more than 30 years ago.

Jerry and Gloria Halstead

Jerry Halstead, 75, and his wife Gloria Halstead, 67, had been living on a friend's property when the slide happened. Jerry remains missing. Both are retired from Boeing.

Denver Harris

Denver Harris, 14, was home alone watching TV when the mudslide hit on March 22. His father, Brian Harris, and sister Ava, had left just an hour before to visit Brian's mother in Sedro Woolley. His Aunt Megan described Denver as a boy who loved to play video games and enjoyed snowboarding. His 4-year old cousin Caleb considered Denver a hero.

Michael Pearson

Michael Pearson, 74, lived on Steelhead Drive. He is survived by his daughter.

We invite you to share your thoughts and condolences to those lost in the tragic slide near Oso, Wash. on March 22. This page is meant to remember them with respect and dignity.