Marijuana delivery delays? Retailers hope to have pot by July 8



Posted on July 3, 2014 at 6:32 PM

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Recreational marijuana stores are racing to open July 8, but a state rule could prevent the pot from arriving until opening day.

Top Shelf Cannabis plans to be one of the first stores statewide, but it is unsure when the packaged cannabis will be delivered Tuesday.

“We will be waiting and we will be ready to move with 20 people all at once, once it all comes in,” said Top Shelf investor John Evich.

Under state rules, stores are not allowed to stock up with marijuana until they are licensed. The first licenses will be issued on July 7.

Before recreational marijuana can be shipped to the stores, it must be quarantined to give the state time to inspect it.

“All of the product that goes out to stores has to be quarantined for 24 hours,” said Lynsee, spokesperson with Nine Point Growth Industries.

Nine Point Growth Industries is supplying Top Shelf and Seattle’s Cannabis City with marijuana. Both stores plan to be the first retailers to open.  Due to the 24 hour waiting period, shipments will not go out until at least Tuesday morning.

“The state actually gives you a time of departure, a time of arriving at the store, and directions,” Lynsee said.

Evich is unsure if the marijuana will arrive for the 8 a.m. grand opening, but he is confident sales will start on Tuesday.

“We want to open those doors and let the public and the 502 consumers in that door as soon as possible,” said Evich.

Pot store owners say the earlier they receive their licenses Monday, the earlier they will have marijuana to sell on Tuesday.