Police retrace steps of missing boy's mom



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Posted on November 10, 2011 at 1:57 PM

Mother's route from car to gas station

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Cindy Ortiz barely paid attention to the clock on Sunday. By 9 a.m., Bellewood Presbyterian Church was packed.

"Front doors would have been open, parking lot full," said Ortiz.

It's around that hour, police say, a woman and her young child would have walked by, and why detectives were back here on Northeast 24th again on Wednesday, methodically looking for and taking evidence.

It's the likely route Julia Biryukova and her 4-year-old daughter took to get from the parked car to the gas station and back.

Monica Monson says she walks the route during her lunch break every day.

"It takes 45 minutes to do all of it and we're at a walking pace," she said.

The mother of four believes someone had to see Sky.

"I couldn't imagine a small child left in a car and someone not noticing it right away, or the other scenario having a child get out of the car and walks around here,” she said.

Ortiz says Bellevue Police have called, and even though a sign flashes outside the church door, no one in the congregation says they've seen the 2-year-old, and they all know time is of the essence.

Sky's uncle Sam Metalawa says he believes Julia would have been in this area and taken that route because she used to live nearby

If you have any information about Sky you are asked to call the hotline: 425-452-2564.