Marijuana vending machine makes Seattle debut

SEATTLE -- Seattle residents can now purchase cannabis the same way they buy soda and snacks – right out of a vending machine.

The ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine opened Tuesday morning at Seattle Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispensary. Arizona-based American Green, the company behind the vending machine, says it's the first age-verifying, climate controlled, self-service dispensary.

"A few years ago we recognized the fact that Uncle Harvey's dive bar that was giving out cigarettes 40 years ago. The 21st century was here and maybe we can upgrade on that because dispensing machines are a very effective way to service the public," said Stephen Shearin, president and COO of American Green.

According to a news release, the vending machines will be stocked by Seattle Caregivers and provide a "wide range of medicinal and recreational marijuana flowers, pot-infused edibles and merchandise." The temperature controlled vending machines are equipped with an advanced ID-scanner to verify a user's identity, age and additional data before dispensing selected items.

Shearin says there's never an unattended machine. There's always an employee around to check ID before you purchase.

"You never have access to the machine ever if there isn't a human around to check your medical ID initially on your way in," said Shearin.

Seattle Caregivers is located on South Jackson Street in Seattle's International District.


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