Seattle Met: Luke's Diner comes to town

SEATTLE MET -- Netflix coordinated with coffee shops across the country to promote its upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. On Wednesday, October 5, scores of cafes around the country will temporarily turn into Luke’s Diner locations, honoring the Stars Hollow cafe where Rory and Lorelai Gilmore got their coffee fix, and in Lorelai’s case a huge topoff of will-they wont-they intrigue from perennially ballcapped bohunk Luke Danes.

According to Eater, each coffee shop will offer up free 12-ounce coffees for 250 customers between 7am and noon, and Netflix has supplied all manner of branded aprons and shirts to give cafes a Luke’s Diner feel. A website says Seattle pop-ups will happen at Drip City Coffee Co.Stone Way Cafe, and Makeda Coffee (plus two locations in Spokane).

Current day Rory and Lorelai hit Netflix on November 25; this week’s coffee craze coincides with the anniversary of the show’s very first episode, which aired October 5, 2000, a simpler time with decidedly different denim trends.

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