Murray's accuser: 'He still needs to be held accountable'

Delvon Heckard, the first to go public with sexual abuse allegations against former mayor Ed Murray, shares how he felt about Murray's resignation.

Former Mayor Ed Murray resigned five days ago after a fifth sexual abuse allegation. Now, the man who was the first accuser to go public with a lawsuit talks about how the tide of public opinion has changed.

Delvonn Heckard granted his first television interview with KING 5 on Monday.

"I was really really emotional," the 46-year-old said about when Murray resigned. "I cried all day. Because I was like, now people really see my story -- that I told was the truth. It brought a lot of relief and some healing too."

Murray's decision to resign came after his cousin, Joseph Dyer, stepped forward accusing him of molestation

Heckard said he wasn't surprised it took five alleged victims to go public to convince the former mayor to step down.

"I guess people felt that it was somebody who was just trying to bring him down politically, or whatever the case may be," Heckard said. "The political part, I don't care about that. That's not important to me -- none of that."

Heckard claimed he met the former mayor three decades ago riding the bus up to Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Murray would have been in his early 30s. Heckard was a drug-addicted 15-year-old.

"He looked at me a couple of times and approached me and he invited me to his home. And I'm sure he knew I was on drugs. He knew I was desperate and vulnerable," Heckard said. "He took me to his house and offered me money for sex, and that went on for at least four years. "

How much would he allegedly pay Heckard?

"A disgraceful 15 dollars. No more than 20 dollars," he said. "I was disgusted with myself. I was disgraced. And especially how he treated me when I was done. I would have to take a shower. He would rush me and kick me out of his house. Once he got what he wanted that's all that mattered to him."

"Just the way he treated me, that I was a piece of dirt, a piece of trash, or piece of meat. He was disgusting. Just disgusting. You could see it in his eyes. I used to look in his eyes, and I could see evil. But I was so trapped in that world; I just let it go on."

While he told a few close friends and family, Heckard kept that history a secret until he got clean and sober and his father passed away a few years ago.

He filed his lawsuit accusing Murray of child sex abuse in April and then withdrew it, believing the mayor was using his position to bolster his case and attack his accusers.

Heckard also addressed his refuted claims about Murray's anatomy. In his lawsuit filed in April, Heckard asserted that Murray had a large mole on his genitalia and red pubic hair, as proof of his intimate knowledge of Murray's anatomy.

During a press conference last spring, the mayor's attorney, Robert Sulkin, produced a report showing a doctor found no evidence of a mole.

"He had that mole removed. Because he knew that that's a way a person can identify him," Heckard said. "But he did not mention the fact that he has red pubic hair. He can't cut them off."

"I remember that mole like the back of my hand. I remembered it because I hated it. It was a gross feeling. It's something I know for a fact that was there. I would put my life on it."

Heckard insists he is going to re-file his suit against Murray no later than January.

"He still needs to be held accountable. The other people, they want him to be held accountable also," he said. "It's about my healing and helping other people. I don't really care. If I win, I win. It's all up in God's hands; it's not up to me."

Has he thought about seeing Murray face to face?

"I would love to. I would love to," said Heckard. "I would say to him, 'You actually are going to sit here and say you don't know who I am? And that you have never had a sexual encounter with me?' I want to see the expression on his face."

KING 5 reached out to Murray's attorney for comment.  Murray has denied all of the child sex abuse allegations.

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