Kids take wheel after school bus driver passes out

Children on a Milton school bus had to help the driver pull it over Monday after the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency.

MILTON, Wash. Two seventh graders on a school bus had to pull it over Monday after the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency.

The bus was on the 1900 block of Milton Way around 8 a.m. when the problems started.

Surveillance camera video inside the bus shows the driver slumping into his seat as he passes out.

As the bus starts to move out of control, one boy is seen jumping out his seat to take control of the wheel. He then appears to try chest compressions on the driver.

Moments later, another boy runs to the front and finally brings the bus to a stop.

Several children grabbed their cell phones and called 911.

After the bus stops, an adult climbs on board and begins CPR on the driver.

Seventh grader Jeremy Wuitschick realized what was happening and jumped into action.

I ran up, grabbed the wheel ... I turned it to the right, took it on the side of the road, took the keys out of the ignition. Bus started slowing down. I m like Somebody call 911 and they did. Then Johnny Wood came up and he s like I know CPR.

The videos popped into my head and I was like Somebody call 911. Try to clear the area and start doing chest compressions, said Wood.

Wuitschick is only 13, but he has some experience behind a steering wheel. He says his mother lets him back the family car out of the driveway when he washes it.

The Fife schools superintendent said the 12 and 13-year-olds on bus No. 29 were headed to Surprise Lake Middle School.

The driver was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way. It s still not clear what kind of medical problem the driver was suffering from.

There were no reports of injuries.


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