Kent neighbors furious about late night pranks

KENT, Wash.—A group of Kent neighbors is growing increasingly angry about regular late night pranks they call "dangerous."

"They must have been going like this, kicking the door," Ashlee Berens described, "kicking the door knob, because it came loose."

Just after midnight about a month ago, someone banged on her front door, leaving damage with the loud noise.

"It scared me," Berens said. "It sounded like someone was trying to bust through my door."

Then, a couple weeks later, the same thing happened next door.

"Come in and rob us," Michael Grant said. "That was the first thought I had, someone was breaking my door down."

That same night, John Swartz found a rope tied across this street.

"I'm concerned somebody could get hurt, hitting the rope," he said, holding a long white rope, cut in two pieces. "A car did drive through and broke the rope."

John Swartz and many of his neighbors have lived in the Kent block for decades. Now, many have filed reports with the King County Sheriff's Office.

"Scuff marks around here, a little ding right here," Katie Baschand said. "We thought maybe a car hit our house, it was so loud."

Baschand's house was the most recent hit. The noise came just after 1 a.m. on Tuesday.

Grant caught one night on his security camera. He believes they're just middle school-aged kids.

"The kids run up, one of them peeks through our little glass window, waves the other one up," he said.

After a few seconds at the front door, they run off.

The neighbors hope the kids get arrested at some point. They're worried, however, that one of them might get shot.

"Because most of us on this block are armed," Bashcand said.

The neighbors say it's not clear the noise is made by kids.

"If someone's coming through the front door, they're not going to make it very far," Berens said. "We don't know that they're children. They sound like adult men coming through your door."

KCSO has assigned a deputy to the case.


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