Issaquah neighbors want pit bull out after poodle killed



Posted on July 28, 2013 at 5:20 PM

Families in an Issaquah neighborhood are keeping pets and small children indoors after a poodle was attacked and killed by a pit bull. Now,, they're trying to get the pit bull out of their neighborhood.

Jackson, a two-year-old poodle, died from punctures to his stomach and lungs. The attack happened in the West Highlands Park area near 4th Avenue and Denny Way Friday night.

Witnesses say a young boy was walking the pit bull when it became startled after coming face-to-face with the poodle.

“After the attack, it was just sitting there calmly. It wasn’t still trying to maul the dog. It was truly that it was just startled,” said neighbor Cassandra Miles.

The same pit bull punctured Jim Rowntree’s dog, Fritz, two years ago.

“Our dog was aggressive towards the animal. The other dog took it as a sign of aggression. It was like, ‘OK. This is past my bubble. Game on,’” said Rowntree.

Fritz made a full recovery after hundreds of dollars in medical treatment.

“We as a neighborhood have to worry about the safety of our children and our pets, said Miles.

As a precaution, Liz Frost isn’t allowing her 7-year-old daughter Lilia to play outside.

“If it has a history of attacking dogs besides this one, I don’t think it should be in the neighborhood,” said Frost.

“It can hurt a child,” said Miles.

The owner didn’t want to comment on what happened, but claimed the pit bull is actually a “lab mix.”

“Maybe it has a grandparent that’s part lab but, no, if you look at that dog, it’s a pit bull,” said Miles.

According to Miles, owning a pit bull is against the area’s homeowner association rules. She believes the dog is a good dog, just not good for the neighborhood.

“It’s not OK for a family-friendly dog to stay in a neighborhood where it’s going to kill other dogs,” she said.

Neighbors are starting an online petition to get the dog in question out of the neighborhood. Issaquah Police referred the matter to King County Animal Control, which is expected to address the issue Monday.