Gary Chittim shares his departing thoughts


SEATTLE -- I am a newsman. I can hear excited scanner traffic from across the room. I can't stand to see several people around a TV monitor and not be right in there with them. I slow down at every accident (sorry about that). I speed up to see who cops are chasing. I find stories during my kid's baseball game, a date with my wife, or a walk with my dog. I'm the sick puppy in that scenario.

My career has taken me around the world. I have seen things I will never forget and things I wish I could. I have held hands with grieving parents and pulled dead, oiled birds from the sea. I've held the head of tranquilized, wild wolf in my lap. I have stood on top of a giant windmill. I've interviewed presidents and outlaws and famous athletes -- and I have tried to treat them all the same. I have made major changes in the environmental world and I've made major mistakes.

Thank you viewers for being so loyal and understanding. Thank you KING 5 for allowing me to tell stories about our environment and how we are all connected to it. Thank you to my colleagues for great pictures, editing and tolerance of my weaker moments.

Today I am leaving behind my journalism world to join an LED lighting company as a marketing/communications director. I will miss KING 5. I will miss journalism. I will miss the rush.

I will enjoy a new challenge in an industry that can help reduce carbon and improve vision and lives. I will relish my relationships and make new ones. I will continue to write, use video and tell stories.

On Monday, I will become a lighting company vice president. But I will never stop being a newsman.


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