Fact or Fiction: Breast Cancer's biggest misconceptions

Breast cancer is one of the scariest things a woman has to face; but there are also a lot of misconceptions about the disease. Here are a few of the biggest ones: 

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world.
Fact: In addition to being the most diagnosed cancer, breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Every 2 minutes one case of breast cancer is diagnosed in the U.S. 
(Source: komen.org)

If your mom had breast cancer you’ll likely get breast cancer too.
Fiction: A recent study found only 10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of the disease.
(Source: nationalbreastcancer.org)

There’s nothing a person can do to lower their risk of developing breast cancer.
Statistically 90% of breast cancers are impacted by a patient’s lifestyle and environment.
(Source: breastcancer.org)

If you find a lump in your breast, you likely don’t have breast cancer.
Only a small percentage of lumps are actually cancerous. However, if you feel a lump or notice differences in breast tissue over time you should let your doctor know.
(Source: nationalbreastcancer.org)

Wearing an underwire bra increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.
A 2014 study found no link between wearing an underwire bra and a woman getting breast cancer.
(Source: breastcancer.org)

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