Bremerton may solve rat infestation with goats

Dan Cassuto reports

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Gayle Dupee knew it was strange when her new car wasn't working, but something had to be very wrong when her husband's new car wouldn't start either.

"I shut the door and a rat flew out from underneath the car," said Gayle, who lives with her husband, Ted, in a new condo building along Bremerton's waterfront.

Rats had gotten into the building's underground lot and then into the car engines.

They chewed and gnawed their way through wiring and insulation, resulting in $1,000 worth of damage.

"They're infested," said Jerry McDonald, a city council member who happens to live in the same condo building. "They hide in blackberry bushes to stay away from their predators."

That's where McDonald's idea comes in: goats.

He's proposing that the city rent goats to graze on blackberry bushes, eating away the hiding places for the rats, exposing them to their predators.

"Goats eat everything, clear the end, and then we don't have anything else to worry about," said McDonald.

The city would need minor ordinance changes to allow the goats.


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