Video appears to show Pacific mayor violating federal law


by John Langeler

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Posted on December 8, 2012 at 11:08 PM

Updated Saturday, Dec 8 at 11:09 PM

Video taken Saturday afternoon and posted online appears to show embattled Pacific Mayor Cy Sun putting flyers into mailboxes, a violation of federal law because none of the paperwork was registered mail.

Kris Mott, who posted the video and is a member of the Committee to Recall Mayor Cy Sun, said “(I) came up to my mailbox and found the mayor with his hand in my mailbox.”

“I said, ‘are you going to everybody’s mailbox,’” Mott continued, “He said, ‘yes, I want people to know I’m not the enemy.’”

Mott spoke with police, but the department was unable to elaborate on what took place.

Attempts to reach Mayor Sun Saturday night were unsuccessful.  At Monday’s city council meeting, when the city could have voted to be annexed into Auburn, the mayor walked off amid shouting from the crowd.

Mayor Sun’s tenure has been marked by controversy since the summer, when a series of firings, budget moves and questionable actions led to arrests and most importantly, the city’s insurance being put in jeopardy.

At its December 10th meeting, the council will once again take up annexation. 

According to the three-page letter handed out Saturday, Mayor Sun asks a series of questions that put the blame for Pacific’s problems back on its council.  He also points out that he’s defending himself against civil litigation using his own money, and that he and his wife “mortgage(d) our fully-owned home to fight our battle”.

The letter states Mayor Sun’s opposition to disincorporation.  He also suggests the insurance will be extended until after the February recall election against him.

He finishes saying, “After I get our City on its feet, functioning like a well-oiled Cost Reduction Machinery –sp., I had enough of Politics and will have some serious thinking to do”.