Super Hawks fan will attend every game this season



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Posted on January 11, 2014 at 12:12 AM

Updated Saturday, Jan 11 at 12:25 AM

EVERETT, Wash. -- Inside an Everett home decorated wall-to-wall with Seahawks gear, the dream envisioned in the "man cave" is one that began with a little boy.

"My first game I went to, I was 9, against the Saints," remembered Dennis Everts.

Everts got really serious with season tickets in 1993. His closet started to grow, filled with virtually nothing but Hawks gear.

His home is decorated with life-size players posters. He brushes his teeth beside a Hawks water glass, showers behind a Hawks curtain, and walks his dog as she sports a Hawks jersey.

Every game day, Everts wakes up his daughters and wife with a megaphone and siren, shouting, "Wake up! It's HAWK Time!!!"

"He doesn't go out of his way to say, 'I'm the biggest fan.' He just is the biggest fan," explained Everts friend, Joseph Sherman.

On this 20th anniversary year of his season ticket holder status, as the Seahawks contend for their spot at the Superbowl, Everts decided he'd make history too.

He's cheered the Hawks by attending every game this season, including away games, which he estimates cost him about $5,000 with air fare, tickets, and hotels.

Everts' favorite games, however, are right here in Seattle.

"We're a lot louder. There's no comparison. The Twelth Man is the loudest," Everts said.  "An addiction that's just grown and grown and grown."

Saturday's home game will be his 17th game this season, and he's convinced his last will be in New York.

"I already got my airfare," he said.

The Seahawks are like life book-ends for Everts. He just got married at his tail gate spot. Inside his man cave, he displays original seats from his childhood games, taken from the Kingdome.

"I've been through some 2 and 14 seasons. There's a lot of people that jump ship but there's a lot of people who stick with us," Everts said. "GO Hawks!"