Student rescued from bottom of Lake Stevens HS pool



Posted on May 31, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Updated Friday, May 31 at 5:38 PM

A lifeguard at Lake Stevens High School is credited with saving the life of a student discovered unconscious at the bottom of the pool.

It started at the beginning of a P.E. swim class late Friday morning. The lifeguard performed a mandatory head count and realized she was one short.

“Then everyone heard this ambulance go by and we were all wondering what it was,” said senior Jaelynn McAfee. “Everyone was pretty freaked out.”

Schoolmates say a 21-year-old special needs student was at the bottom of the pool.

He wasn’t under long, but was unconscious when the lifeguard pulled him out of the water. She performed at least six rounds of CPR before medics arrived a few minutes later.  

School administrators say the quick thinking and rapid response likely saved his life.

“When the medics got here he was alive, breathing with a heartbeat,” said school district spokeswoman Jayme Taylor.  

The young man was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett where officials refused to release his condition.

“We’re waiting for an update from his family,” said Taylor.

Police are still trying to find out what caused the victim to go under water and lose consciousness. Students want answers, as well.

“I’m hoping the school can find out what happened and why that kid ended up on the bottom of the pool,” said senior Lorraina Perkins. “Hopefully some changes will be made for the better. It’ll make our school stronger.”

School officials believe the incident was an accident and they do not suspect foul play.