Robo-calls about missing dog get mixed reaction



Posted on February 1, 2013 at 11:24 PM

Updated Saturday, Feb 2 at 12:19 AM

BURIEN, Wash -- A family’s dog disappeared in Burien days ago, now his family is going great lengths to find him.
“He’s our kid and we really want him back, we miss him a lot,” said Gina Bourdage, the owner.
Aside from hanging signs, Gina Bourdage sent hired a company to send out a “Pet Amber Alert.” She paid $150 for a company to call 1250 homes in the area.
“I think it’s a little preposterous that people can send something like that out for just a pet,” said Seth Von Wald, who lives nearby.
The calls started around dinner time Thursday.
“People that really care, they’re going to look at the signs. People that don’t care shouldn’t be forced to care by getting calls,” he said.
Others disagree.
“People love their pets, they’re like children,” said Winnifred Thayer, who also lives in the area.
“I guess whatever works for them, works. I just let it go to the machine,” she said.
Bourdage says aside from a few angry responses, the majority of them were positive.
“We might have bothered a few people, which I didn’t intend. I wish we hadn’t but I’m really glad for the one person that did call and described our dog to a T,” said Bourdage.
That tip led them to the intersection of 8 Ave South and S 136th Street in Burien, where Bourdage is hanging additional signs.
“We’re going to find him,” she said.
“I’m sitting by the phone every second, holding onto hope, hoping for more,” said Bourdage.
“G” is micro chipped but wasn’t wearing tags the day he disappeared. If his trail runs cold, Bourdage is prepared to buy another round of robo-calls.

Update: Shortly after this story aired on KING 5 News, the couple received a call from a viewer who found their dog. They have since been reunited.