Citizens file petition to recall Pacific mayor


by KING 5 News

Posted on August 23, 2012 at 11:52 AM

Updated Thursday, Aug 23 at 6:02 PM

A petition seeking to authorize a recall against the mayor of Pacific was officially filed with the King County Elections Office on Thursday.

The document details 30-pages of alleged instances of "misfeasance, malfeasance, and violation of oath of office" committed by Mayor Cy Sun, according to organizers with the “Committee to Recall Cy Sun.”

The recall group claims Sun is running a “my way or the highway” administration resulting in the inability of the City of Pacific to operate. They also claim he has created a hostile work environment in which harassment and retaliation are common against employees who speak out.

Among the allegations are claims that Sun:
     --displayed irrational behavior causing both the Pacific City Council and the Pacific Police Department to issue a vote of no confidence
     --admitted to destroying city records
     --improperly attempted to influence a criminal investigation
     --unlawfully ordered Pacific Police to conduct a secret investigation into the authors of a document detailing alleged false statements made by Sun while living in Oregon
     --caused the resignation or directly removed several department heads
     --was arrested for disobeying a lawful order
     --imposed a hiring freeze on the Pacific Police Department
     --canceled the purchase of police vehicle against advisement from city staff
     --improperly approved building permits
     --nearly caused the city to lose its insurance
     --hired an independent contractor to act as a building inspector, resulting in backlog of building permits
     --threw away important/historical documents used by the city's associate planner
     --mismanaged a local construction project
     --threatened to close a senior center over a city council action

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Despite being elected as a write-in candidate, some opinions toward the mayor have soured in recent months following several public incidents.

Sun was arrested by Pacific police officers in July for allegedly trying to get into a city employee's locked office. He's now under investigation by the King County Sheriff's Department for destroying city records.

The City of Pacific nearly lost its insurance in June after a building permit was illegally approved by Sun.

Multiple department heads have either been fired or quit over Sun's leadership.

Recall organizers claim several former Pacific employees have hired lawyers to help with personal claims against the mayor.

Sun claims he's working to end corruption and rid City Hall of wasteful spending.

The recall petition includes a statement Sun wrote in a May newsletter that responded to his critics:

Give me some slack!. . .

The CRY of the CRITICS: The City doesn't have a Public Works/Community Development employee and an Engineer. I am ruining the City with my crazy, stupid ways of being a Mayor. 

My answer: please don't tell me what to do. Let me tell "YOU", what I know: My employment folder is full of NO GOOD, REJECTED SEASONED BUREAUCRATS -MUNICIPAL LOAFERS, who were either fired or laid off by their former City employers.

REJECTS who seem to migrate from one City to another.

My definition of a Bureaucrat is a sweet talking loafer who has the talent of winning friends to hold his job and work his way up to a higher salary.

Earlier this month, Sun requested help from the Governor's Office in dealing with "mutiny" in the Pacific Police Department. Officials responded saying they are in no position to take sides.

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