Olympia woman seeking birth mom meets an old friend



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Posted on April 29, 2014 at 6:39 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 29 at 10:31 PM

SHELTON, Wash. - Half of Taya Lee's mission is complete.

Just days old, in January of 1981, Lee was left in a box on the steps of St. Edwards Catholic Church in Shelton.

A 14-year-old boy heard the crying baby and ran for help.

This month Lee went on Facebook hoping to meet her birth mother.

"I just want to let her know it's OK," she said. "I love her for what she did the best thing that she could. I don't want her to feel guilty."

But there was another mystery. She wanted to find and thank the boy who ran to the nearby courthouse when he heard a crying baby at the church.

"I've always thought... who is he, where is he," she said.

Steven Dailey was 14 in 1981. After the story spread on Facebook and KING 5's website, the two connected.

Tuesday she got to meet, and thank, Dailey.

"I'd like to say if it weren't for him," said Lee. "I might not be here now."

"I couldn't leave a baby lying there like that," said Dailey, moments after hugging Lee.

Lee is inspired by the reunion and thinks it's a good sign she'll meet her mother.

"I really just want to hug her and say it's OK," said Lee.


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