Officer who killed Twilight bar gunman is Medal of Courage recipient



Posted on January 29, 2013 at 6:37 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 29 at 7:59 PM

Just four years out of the police academy, and Seattle Police officer Anthony Ducre is already no stranger to deadly situations. On Sunday night he was called to the Twilight Exit bar in Seattle’s Central District. A man was shooting inside.

“Our dispatch center had relayed to them that they could hear people screaming inside and that they could still hear shots being fired,” said Deputy Chief Nick Metz.

Officer Ducre was the first one in, and was immediately fired upon with a Smith & Wesson 9 mm handgun. Ducre shot back, killing the gunman.

Chief Metz singles out Ducre, but credits the entire team with saving lives.

“We've had active shooters here in our city before with Cafe Racer. Our officers knew if they didn't get in there quickly there could be more than 1 or 2 casualties,” he said.

In this incident the alleged gunman, James Anderson, wounded his girlfriend and a bouncer. Last year a mentally ill gunman killed 5 people in a rampage starting at a Seattle café.
And it was just last year that Officer Ducre put himself between a gunman and the public once again. This time, a man with a gun was menacing people around Seattle University. Ducre gave chase both in his car and on foot, eventually getting into a vicious brawl in the Seattle U reflecting pool.

According to SPD, the suspect lunged for the officer’s gun. Ducre put him in choke hold, but the man would not relent.

Finally, Ducre was able to subdue the suspect, described as a “monster,” 6’5” and 280 pounds. He was a six time felon and outweighed the officer by 100 pounds. Ducre talked about the encounter for a video posted on a Seattle Police website.

“This is the kind of stuff you see on TV, and to be a part of it and be blessed with the coworkers I have says a lot about our department,” he said.

Ducre was later awarded with the department’s Medal of Courage.

In other developments, police say the alleged gunman was shooting at his girlfriend, who had left their 9-month-old baby home alone after trashing their home and then heading to the bar.

The child is now in CPS custody. Anderson was not allowed to be in possession of a gun.
Police say the gun he used was not his, but had not been reported as stolen.