New video of Clemmons: 'God called me'



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Posted on December 2, 2009 at 11:22 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 3 at 11:59 AM


SEATTLE - New video has surfaced of suspect Lakewood, Wash. police killer Maurice Clemmons attending a religious event in New York last June. The tape shows Clemmons in the middle of what may have been a mental break.

The edited tape was given to KING 5 by Zoe Ministries, the church in New York City that hosted the event. The minister says out of the hundreds of people who attended, Clemmons was easy to remember.

The man in the video appears to be Clemmons talking to Bishop Bernard Jordan of Zoe Ministries. Clemmons had been following the minister on Twitter, listening to his live chats.

According to Jordan, Clemmons drove three days cross-country to attend Jordan's 50th birthday banquet last June.

"How did you know to come?" Jordan is seen asking Clemmons in the video.

"I did a live chat," says Clemmons, "and then God called me.

Jordan says, the day before, Clemmons showed up at a church function, acted strangely and rushed the pulpit. When security pulled him aside, Clemmons reportedly told them he was running from police.

"I said you need help," says Jordan. "Do you have a lawyer? 'Yes, I have a lawyer.' I want you to turn yourself in. 'I'm not going to turn myself in. I'm never going back to jail.'"

In the video, a man who came with Clemmons, identified only as Carlisle, introduced Clemmons as Jesus Christ.

"My friend over there, Maurice Clemmons, that's Jesus Christ."

Jordan responds, "We're all Jesus, sir..."

Court documents reveal when Clemmons turned himself in last July, he told police he had been in New York. When police asked him his middle name, Clemmons responded, "in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ."

"After that, we hadn't heard from him," says Jordan. "He had turned himself in, but then they let him out a few days ago. And we saw the tragic situation that happened."

In the video, Bishop Jordan tells Clemmons' friend that maybe he needs help.

"If there are some mental problems then you need to find an institution. I'm just saying, if you go walking around the streets saying you're Jesus Christ, then something needs to be checked out."

Clemmons' uncle spoke to KING 5 from Marianna, Ark. He too saw a bizarre transformation.

"Maurice went from being a man who was working hard to make money to becoming a man of God," said Ray Clemmons.