Kitsap County residents excited to host Casey Kasem



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Posted on May 15, 2014 at 6:46 PM

Updated Thursday, May 15 at 8:40 PM

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- In a bizarre twist, the search for Casey Kasem ends in Kitsap County. And residents and businesses are rolling out the welcome mat.

"If he walks in the door while you're here you know that would be cool," said Rob McGee, owner of the Whiskey Gulch Coffee Company in Port Orchard. The restaurant posted on its Facebook page that it's now offering Kasem a free coffee.

"He's an institution in America for Pete's sake," said McGee. "He's Casey Kasem, what gets cooler than that?"

"I was watching the news with the family and I was like you're kidding!" said Belfair resident Vanessa Jones

The Kitsap County Sheriff's office confirms they did a welfare check at an undisclosed address, where they found him with his wife and "longtime family friends."

"We did check on his welfare," said Deputy Scott Wilson. "He seems to be doing fine. He was upright. He could communicate. He understood the situation.

Maybe Kitsap County is perfect for the octogenarian. Great views, plenty of waterfront property, and peace and quiet, which might be ideal given Kasem's now well-publicized family feud.

"When I heard that he was in Kitsap County I thought I should get on a ferry and go look for him, but I didn't have a clue where to start," said local radio personality Pat O'Day, who calls Kasem a dear friend.

O'Day says the last time he saw Kasem was years ago at a poker party with Johnny Mathis. He says Kasem's current situation is a shame.

"Made such a name for that family, his children," said O'Day. "To have it at this point in such turmoil is so sad because that is the last thing he would have ever wanted to have happen."

But his fans in Kitsap County are excited to have such a beloved figure from their adolescence possibly staying somewhere next door.

"He was hugely popular when I was in high school with us kids," said Jones, who is now 37. "We could always count on him. He got us through a lot of hard times."