Kenmore residents concerned about car-ped fatalities



Posted on May 4, 2014 at 5:49 PM

Updated Sunday, May 4 at 5:59 PM

KENMORE - The city of Kenmore has seen four pedestrians hit in less than a year, three of them fatal.  Some changes have come from the city but on Sunday, neighbors rallied together demanding more.

Stepahnie Krambrink worries every day about the safety of her neighborhood.  She's fed up.

"There’s a lot more to be done to make sure all the resources are available to this community," she said while walking along a busy Kenmore road.

And given the 50 or so neighbors walking with her to each recent accident site, she's not alone.

"We’re frustrated that two kids had to die on the same week for the city to take action," said Tammy Shoop.

Caleb Shoop, 19, was Tammy and Ben Shoop's son.  Back in March, Caleb was crossing a marked intersection at 61st Ave NE and NE 190th.  Two cars going opposite directions stopped, but a third truck blew through.  Caleb died three days later.

"He had so much to offer the world and it’s been difficult to contend with the longing," his mother Tammy said.

The Friday before that accident, a car hit and killed Caleb's former classmate, Sarah Paulson, just a mile and a half away.  Two days after Caleb's death, another person was hit in a crosswalk but survived.  In October of last year, another deadly hit and run in a crosswalk.

After Caleb's death, the city of Kenmore put up flags at all busy intersections and at Caleb's intersection, there will soon be a flashing pedestrian sign.

Neighbors want to see more flashing signs and better safety around bus stops.

"I believe we will have to fight hard.  We’ll have to really continue to build awareness that we’re not going to go away," said Stepahnie Krambrink.

The city could not be reached for comment.