Murdered Kent football star had NFL dream



Posted on November 1, 2010 at 6:51 PM

KENT, Wash. – Police still have made no arrests in fatal weekend shooting of high school football standout Devin Topps at a party in Kent.

Police say at 2 a.m. Sunday, uninvited guests showed up outside of the house. Fights erupted and Topps was targeted. Police say the 18-year-old was unarmed. He ran, but was shot near his truck.

Police have released few details about suspects, but they say they don't believe it was gang related.

Tanda Topps, Devin's mother, had him when she was young, but she never regretted it.

"He was born in '92. I was in college and I wouldn't take back anything ever," said Tanda. The single mom had a single mission, to see her son shine.

"It's like he knew he was destined for greatness, too. It wasn't being cocky. He would say 'I just know I'm supposed to be doing something,'" said Tanda. "His dream was always was to make it big in the NFL."

One of his greatest moments was signing his letter of intent to Eastern Washington University.

"My whole life has been about that, keeping on the right path keeping him on the right path. I know both paths, so I didn't want him to see the other side," said Tanda.

His loss is also felt deeply by his coaches and friends at Kentridge High School.

"He gave off that casual sense, the sense of loss around here 'cause people felt like they were part of his life," said Kentridge head football coach Mary Osborn.

The team plans to dedicate Saturday's playoff game to Devin.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kent Police Department at 253-856-5800.