What were KING 5 reporters' favorites?

What were KING 5 reporters' favorites?

What were KING 5 reporters' favorites?



Posted on December 30, 2011 at 5:07 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 10:42 PM

It was the year of "Viadoom" and the Occupy movement, the year of the tsunami and La Nina, budget cuts and political gamesmanship, Amanda Knox and Sky Metalwala.

With 2011 nearing its close, we asked some of KING 5's anchors and reporters to tell us what their favorite stories were from the past year. And by "favorite," we meant the stories that they most enjoyed reporting or felt were most important for viewers.

Check out favorites from Dennis Bounds, Linda Brill, Chris Daniels, Jim Forman, Lori Matsukawa, Tonya Mosley, and Eric Wilkinson.

Here's what other KING 5 reporters told us:


My favorite story was about a sheep herding dog that survived a fight with a newly established pack of wolves in Kittitas County. The setting was spectacular (Teanaway Valley) and photographer Pete Cassam set a fantastic mood as we watched the old school sheep herder moving his flock and being reunited with the injured dog that so faithfully defended the sheep. WATCH


I really loved Eric Wilkinson's piece about a man making a difference by building ramps for disabled people who were otherwise confined to their own homes. Eric is an amazing storyteller. He captures the magic when you give of yourself and see lives changing before your eyes. WATCH

I had fun doing a story earlier this year about facedowns, a twist to the "planking" fad. Two local women were pioneers of this performance art, and they were a ton of fun to work with. WATCH


Favorite story?  Or most significant. I think the new contract between Boeing and the Machinists union is hugely significant for the region. 

Not everybody liked it, but if it truly changes labor management relations at the state's biggest private employer over time, then it's a game changer and could cement Puget Sound's long-term future as the center for world jetliner production.

Three out of four machinists voted yes. The true test will come in 2016 when it's time to renegotiate. WATCH


Many stations around the country have done stories on "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," an organization of volunteer photographers who help families during a very difficult time: the loss of a child. 

Thanks to photographer Vicki Zoller and the Hill family, we were able to document the courage of a family one year after their tragic loss.  It's amazing that people trust us to share some of their most personal stories.  It's a responsibility we don't take lightly. 

Thank you to the Hills for allowing us to share their powerful story. WATCH


We cover our share of tragedies in TV news. It's part of the job and it's best not to take some of the "stuff" we see out in the field home with us.

But this story was one that still puts a warm smile on my face months later completing it. And that's not just because it was shot on a beautiful summer day! These are the kinds of stories that make dealing with the sad ones a little easier. WATCH


My favorite story of the year has to be the  USS Lincoln homecoming in March. We were at the port for a pretty special moment in time that day. Lots of happy families. WATCH

I also really enjoyed following John Sharify amd Doug Burgess as they climbed Mount Rainier with a team of recovering addicts. What a great achievement!. WATCH


My favorite story in 2011 was a story I did with photographer Ryan Coe. It was a labor of love that took three days to shoot.

The subject was a seven-year-old boy with Asperger's, a form of Autism, who was asked to curate an art show in the Greenwood neighborhood. He's an amazing kid and Ryan did a fantastic job. WATCH