Their Crime - Your Dime

Their Crime - Your Dime

Credit: KING 5 TV

Their Crime - Your Dime


by KING 5 Investigators

Posted on October 18, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Updated Thursday, Aug 9 at 4:36 PM

Some of Washington state’s costliest public assistance programs harbored a secret over the years.

It went unnoticed as taxpayer funded programs providing food stamps and cash welfare benefits ballooned following the economic crash.  Many worthy recipients came forward to get help.  So, too, did criminals who found they could cheat Washington’s lax fraud prevention programs to the sum of millions of dollars.

“Their Crime, Your Dime” is KING 5 Television’s news series that exposed these crimes and revealed that Washington state’s primary defense against welfare fraud was quietly whittled away by puzzling budget cuts that began years before the economic crisis struck.  The secret was out.

Nearly 20 stories produced by the television station prompted lawmakers and the governor to enact sharp revisions to the state’s welfare laws.  Top officials at the State’s Department of Social and Health Services resigned, as the agency announced sweeping in-house reforms.   Editorials at nearly every major paper in the state were critical of the state’s oversight of these massive programs.  Federal agents moved in on one fraud kingpin after a story exposed her continuing criminal activity. The state legislature approved $5 million to fund a new fraud prevention squad. The series prompted a new law that closed many of the loopholes that had been revealed. And three people identified in the stories were sent to federal prison. 


“Their Crime, Your Dime” included several notable stories:

-The expert use of undercover cameras documented rampant food stamp fraud by merchants in a Seattle business district with a long history of such crimes.

-After federal agents moved in to make arrests, KING 5’s undercover cameras returned to the neighborhood and recorded food stamp fraud that was bolder and even more out in the open than before the federal sweeps.

-Cash welfare recipients withdrew more than $2 million dollars at ATM’s in Washington State casinos in one year.  Gambling with welfare cash is illegal, so viewers were stunned when a top state official said the TV station’s finding “isn’t anything that surprises me” and it might not be worth his agency’s time to put a stop to it.  Months later, that official resigned his post.

-The problems extend beyond Washington state’s boundaries.  Records obtained under FOIA revealed the federal government’s poor track record.  KING 5 charted the massive growth of the food stamp program, in comparison to the shrinking numbers of fraud investigations nationwide by federal law enforcement.

-The state of Washington replaces nearly 30,000 food stamp cards a month, no questions asked.  KING 5 revealed that the cards are currency on the streets, with welfare recipients handing their benefit-loaded cards over in exchange for drugs.  State officials brushed off warnings about the problem, including that the cards were being sold on Craigslist. 

-In our initial interview, the state’s social services chief called her fraud prevention program “one of the best in the country”.   However, six months of “Their Crime, Your Dime” led to a drastic change of heart.  She acknowledged the program’s serious flaws and announced the hiring of a whole new fraud-fighting squad.

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