Kidnapped Seattle 6-year-old girl shares story



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Posted on June 20, 2014 at 4:57 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 20 at 5:14 PM

The six-year-old girl kidnapped from a Seattle park by a registered sex offender says the man offered her money to go with him.

“(He) grabbed my arm,” Taylor Fletcher said, while she and her mother met with KING 5 at Benefit Park on Beacon Hill.

Taylor, and three older brothers and sisters, were playing at the park two weeks ago when they were allegedly approached by Jesse Richard Brisbin – a high-risk, level-3 sex offender who lives nearby.

“Don’t tell nobody about this money,” Taylor says Brisbin told her, as he held her hand and pulled her away from the park.

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Brisbin was stopped by Taylor’s family and neighbors three blocks away and arrested soon after by Seattle Police.

The KING 5 Investigators have learned that a GPS satellite tracking device that Brisbin was wearing had alerted twice before for alleged violations at the park.

The Department of Corrections uses GPS to monitor about 200 high-risk ex cons. Typically they are sex offenders who are not allowed to enter parks or other places where kids congregate.

DOC records show that Brisbin’s GPS sent an alert in January that he passed by Benefit Park, perhaps on a bus or a bike. It’s unclear if he was cautioned at that time not to go to the park.

Records that show three weeks later, on February 12, he entered the park for about two minutes.

“He was so calculated. He was watching our kids,” said Taylor’s mother, Vernee Fletcher. “I think he really just took his time to watch the patterns of the neighborhood.

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Fletcher says she and her daughter are talking openly about the case in hopes that other children will learn how to respond if approached by a stranger.

Brisbin is the King County Jail charge with kidnapping.

The Department of Corrections says it can’t talk about Brisbin’s case until it finishes its own investigation.

The Department does say that Brisbin has 16 prior parole violations since 2011, including entering parks and playgrounds and making contact with minors.

He was also jailed for tampering with his GPS device while in New Jersey.