Service dogs alert diabetic patients of blood sugar levels

Meet Able, an aptly named service dog that is trained to care for diabetic patients.

We all know that a dog can be your best friend, but service dogs are more than just a member of the family. Meet Able, an aptly named service dog that is trained to care for diabetic patients.

Mason Gueris is diabetic and Abel is his service dog, trained to detect Mason's blood sugar levels and alert the teenager when it is time to check his levels. 

"He’s there for me, whenever I’m high or low, or I’m even good. He’s there to protect me and keep me safe," says Mason.

 But Abel is more than just Gueris' best friend. You see Gueris was just 9-years-old when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. 

"The dog can smell my blood sugars through my pores, my skin and it gets him stressed out. He’ll pant, he'll whine, he'll be all over the place," said Gueris.

That kind of behavior was a welcome relief for Gueris' mother.

"It was extremely hard doing this by myself, I have been a single mom, just adjusting to, we had to account for every single piece of food or liquid that went into mason's mouth. Sleeping there was no such thing as being able to sleep,” says Hollie Gueris, Mason’s mother.

She use to have to get up every three hours to check her son's blood sugar. Now the black Labrador goes everywhere Mason does and takes a lot of worries away from his mother.

"Twenty minutes after Abel first arrived, he was already alerting to Mason that he had a blood sugar level of 260," said Hollie Gueris.

For the three people who live in this home, the 2 ½-year-old dog has been a guardian and a life changer.

"I’m able to breathe a little easier at night knowing that Mason has Abel to be his friend, his guardian he watches over him at night. It gives us all a sense of peace," said Hollie Gueris.

Service dogs have been trained to help with many different types of disabilities like allergies, seizures, mobility and of course seeing eye dogs.

The list continues, but just being a good companion is appreciated by all.

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