Ask Dr. Swanson: Summer safety warnings

We're in the last couple of weeks of school before summer arrives and the kids are home. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson shares some good safety reminders for parents.

Q: I think we all worry our kids are just going to plop in front of the TV for three month, how much time do we need to keep them active?

* Limit screen time

* Sleep is just as important in the summer

* The value of play

* Encourage movement!
o Be without a ceiling

Q: Snacking is a problem for all of us, what do we need to think about when it comes to nutrition for kids now hanging out in the kitchen at home?

* Help kids develop healthy eating habits
o Stock the pantry & fridge with veggies, fruit, low-fat dairy & lean meats
o Limit soda & sugar-sweetened beverage consumption
o Kids will mimic you

* Think 75210
o 7: breakfast 7 days a week
o 5: 5 helpings of fruits and veggies daily
o 2: screen time 2 hours or less
o 1: be active for 1 hour
o 0: cut down on soda and sugary drinks

Q: Do injuries rise in the summer as kids get more active? What do parents need to think about for injury prevention/treatment?

* Think of sun safety
o SPF 30 and up recommended
o Su-protective clothing doubles protection

* Encourage helmet wearing when riding bikes, rollerblading, etc.

* Rise in car accidents
o More teens, bicycles & motorcycles on the road during summer months
o August deadliest month with 3,136 fatal accidents (2013, IIHS)

* Silent danger of drowning
o Kids 1-4 have highest drowning rates
o Cold water in PNW
o Wear life jackets

* Discounted life jackets on sale at Seattle's Green Lake on June 20, July 18 and August 15, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prices range from $20 - $30.

Resource links:

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Seattle Children's - Information on life jacket sales; test your water safey and life jacket knowledge (FAQ)

Information on 75210

The Value of Play

Safe sunscreen use


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