Who's right: The body shop verdict


by Jesse Jones / KING 5

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Posted on June 3, 2014 at 11:22 PM

Kandi Buckner-Persson's Camaro had a rough ride through Smokey Point Customs.  The car needed body work on the bumper.  It was supposed to be a simple $500 job and she says the shop botched it.

“There was white paint sprayed on everything,” explained Buckner-Persson.

Buckner-Persson said when she saw the car it broke her heart. To go along with the white paint there were chips in the paint of the engine block and buff marks.  So she took her car to another body shop and the bad news got even worse.

"I was told they did such a horrible job with the bumper it can't be repaired it must be replaced,” recalled Buckner-Persson.

When collision shop owner David Bredman failed to fix the issue, she took him to court and won a $2700 judgment in November.

"When I started contacting him and let him know it was well over 30 days I haven't heard anything from you do you want to make arrangements to pay this and I got nothing but hostility from him,” said Buckner-Persson.

Bredman had 30 days to pay the entire judgment, but he's only given her $200.  Bredman's defense is that Kandi was wrong for picketing his business.
"She sits in front our, our place picketing.  She's picketing a slowed down business, it's not going to help her get back her money quicker by picketing stuff,” said Bredman.

I asked you to chime in on Facebook to tell me who you thought was right.  Carmen Hausmann said, “She went to court and proved her case.  He owes her money.  He needs to pay up.”  Don Congdon felt the same way saying, “Kandi is in the right no question!”  Barbara O'Brien took a shot at me saying, "Why are you even asking who is right? Clearly Kandi can back up her statements and Bredman cannot.  The court agreed with her."

Well, I'm with you.  I know I can be dense and yes, Kandi is absolutely right.  With your feedback, I went back to let Kandi know how we all felt.

“I'm glad that the general population can see there's a problem with the way the man treated me and that makes me feel good that most people wouldn't act like that,” said Buckner-Persson.
One thing is clear...Kandi does not feel vindicated so I stopped by to see Mr. Bredman to see if he had seen the story, and asked if he's come up with Kandi's cash that he's owed for months.

"If you look back I've made a payment every 30 days,” said Bredman. 

Actually he's made just a few payments.  Bredman says he's short on cash and will make a payment this month and will pay in full once his house is sold.   Kandi knows not to count her cash yet.

"I think money talks, but an apology would go a long way too,” said Buckner-Persson.
Kandi, you may be waiting a long time for both.