Venue closes, leaving dozens of engaged couples in lurch



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Posted on June 9, 2014 at 11:23 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 10 at 3:12 AM

Chanell Williams dream wedding with her fiancé Taylor Beaumont went up in smoke when her venue, EM Fine Art, closed its doors for good.

“It was a blow to everything that I had done, to everything I had planned, everything we had set in motion,” explained Williams.  “Our wedding is in 55 days, so it's a time crunch.”

In an email sent this weekend, EM Fine Art owners Roland and Amanda Crane say a fire last week did $100,000 worth of damage to the space.  They went on to say the owners exited them from it afterwards.

I contacted Seattle Fire for more information about this incident.  This morning a spokesman sent me an email saying, "We have not had any fires at 410 Dexter Avenue since January 1, 2014."

I shared this email with Williams, who drives by the venue every day to work.

“My thought was, why weren't there any fire trucks or policeman or smoke? Nothing. That's very interesting to me,” said Williams.

Williams is out almost $2,000. I received phone calls and emails from almost a dozen future brides who are in the same boat. All were told there will be no refunds.

“We have nothing else to give to a venue, so we are beyond upset with Amanda and Roland,” explained Williams.

I have also reached out multiple times Monday to the owners.  Roland’s voicemail was full and I couldn't leave a message.  I did leave one for Amanda and she did not respond.

As for Williams, she's just trying to salvage a day that should have been spectacular.

We're going to follow this case, if you have any information on the owners or the venue drop me a note at