LJBI: Solar-powered battery charger 'Goal Zero'



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Posted on July 11, 2014 at 6:16 PM

Updated Saturday, Jul 12 at 8:27 AM

At Golden Gardens Park, you've got the sun and your fun -- all wrapped up in your smart phone.

Sunbathers like Katie will run out of battery power long before the sun goes down.

To make sure Katie keeps her music playing -- there's the Goal Zero portable solar panel.

The company claims the product will charge your phone if the panels are facing direct sunlight.

I hooked up Katie's iPhone 4 and we got a charge.

The solar panel may be cool. But this three-wheel car is awesome.

This is Kurt Schmidt's baby. But his iPhone 4 is in need of fill up.

The charge goes about one percent per minute.

Finally we find Steve Borgford, an American who's waiting to have a picnic with his Russian friends who also sport the red, white and blue.

But when it comes to charging his phone on the beach it's nothing but nyet.

With the Goal Zero -- you can use a USB connector -- a 12 volt connector, but you must supply the cord to your specific device.

The magical sound of it getting a charge is the sound of freedom.