Everett family moving saga has happy ending



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Posted on March 20, 2014 at 11:22 PM

After five months of waiting, Terri and Terrance Thomas’s belongings are finally rolling home.

When I first spoke to the Thomases last month, they thought all their belongings were gone for good.  In November, they paid a Florida moving company $4,500 to move their goods from Zephryhills, Florida to Everett, Washington.  The company took the cash and didn’t deliver a thing.

“Our wedding pictures, my kids’ pictures, pictures of my brothers and sisters, things that mean nothing to anybody else.  All I could think about was they are going to sit somewhere and rot,” said Terri.

A detective in Florida found the family’s belongings in a storage unit.  Terrance had to cash out $5,000 from his 401k to fly back and put the stuff in storage.  The family didn’t have the money to move it to Everett.

“I just don’t know how anybody could live with themselves doing this to somebody,” said Terrance.

After I told Terri and Terrance’s story, Chip Martin, who runs Daly Movers in Los Angeles, saw the report and decided to move the Thomases for $1.

“It hit me.  My wife has photo albums, I have beer mugs, I have tools.  Seeing these people it hit me it struck a chord,” said Martin.

And that hit a perfect note in Everett.

“It’s like Christmas.  It’s nice,” said Terrance.

Christmas in March? Why not.