Couple left high and dry by vacation company


by Jesse Jones / KING 5

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Posted on May 6, 2014 at 11:25 PM

Ron & Donna Heivilin are celebrating 50 years of marriage.  They planned to spend their golden anniversary with family on an Alaskan cruise but the trip was run aground by a travel company.

The family booked a Princess cruise through the vacation company called RCI.  When they made their final payment in February and thought they were all set.

“We got three cabins together, signed the contract, made all the payments and got ready to go,” said Ron.

The ship is supposed to set sail May 17.  So a few weeks ago Ron went online to check their reservation and found they had been left high and dry.

“Nope this bookings been cancelled,” recalled Donna.

Ron thought it was a mistake and called RCI.  The company just confirmed his fears.

“There's been a glitch in our system and your reservation has been canceled,” explained Ron.

Ron says he called Princess and was told his trip was canceled because of lack of payment.  He had no idea there was an issue because all the emails from Princess were going to RCI.

“It was such a shock because we were just on a few days before and we had got the welcome from the Captain, you know we're just looking forward to seeing you,” remembered Donna.

The couple wasn't going to let a company sink their golden dream.  They asked me to help out and I contacted RCI.  Just a few days later, RCI was able to get the Heivilin's back on the cruise and even upgraded their cabin.

When you are booking a trip through another company keep all correspondence and receipts and monitor your reservation.  Because if the Heivilin’s hadn't looked, getting Jesse at the dock wouldn't have done any good.