CenturyLink raises fee for unlisted numbers



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Posted on July 8, 2014 at 11:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 9 at 10:12 AM

JennyLee Lieseke is like many Seattleites - she loves her kids and watches every penny.  But now her phone company is raising the price on her privacy.

“Why do they have to charge me this much?” asked Lieseke.

She's talking about CenturyLink and its fee for unlisted phone numbers.  This spring the company announced the cost was going up from $0.75 per month to $5.

“That's an insane increase! More than a hundred percent increase per billing cycle,” exclaimed Lieseke.

The company says it put notices in customers’ bills at least a month before the rate jump.  JennyLee admits she probably wasn't paying attention.

“I guess I got something in the mail but I get so many flyers of them soliciting me to bundle everything I own and get more services that I don't want so I usually just ignore them,” said Lieseke.

JennyLee's not the only one who's upset about the increase.  Several of you contacted me about it and many more must have complained to CenturyLink because the company announced it has lowered the fee.  It will now only charge $2 per month.

“$2 a month is more reasonable, but I still don't feel I'm getting increased service and I don't think it's costing them more to not list my number than it did before,” said Lieseke.

I contacted CenturyLink and in a statement the company said:

"For many of the affected services, the rate increases are the first in many years.  As with other industries, CenturyLink must reflect rising costs in the rates it charges its consumers."

The company said it will refund the difference to customers who paid the higher rate.