'I'm a bad person': Confession played at Carnation murder trial

Michele Anderson listened to her own words as prosecutors played her taped confession in court Tuesday.

SEATTLE – Prosecutors played audio Tuesday of what they say is the confession Michele Anderson gave to police after six of her family members were murdered in Carnation on Christmas Eve 2007.

Anderson is charged with the murders of her parents, Wayne and Judy Anderson; her brother, Scott; his wife, Erica; her 5-year-old niece, Olivia; and 3-year-old nephew. Nathan.

Anderson's boyfriend, Joseph McEnroe, was already convicted and sentenced to life in prison for his role. But prosecutors say Anderson was the mastermind.

Prosecutors say Anderson and McEnroe were angry that Anderson's parents started charging them rent to stay in a mobile home on the family's property. Anderson also believed her brother owed her $40,000, say prosecutors.

As the two hour recording was played in court, Anderson could be heard breaking down as she told detectives that she and McEnroe shot her family. Anderson said in the confession the murders were not premeditated but that she "freaked out." Read full interview here (Warning: Graphic language)

Anderson: "I shot at my dad, and he, I shot my dad, and Joe shot him."

Detective: "Okay."

Anderson: "It took a couple shots."

Detective: "And then who shot your mom, both of you or just you?"

Suspect: "I don't remember if it was both of us or Joe."

Anderson then said she shot her brother and his wife.

"I shot four shots into Scott with the revolver and two into Erica. I ran out of bullets. That's why he (McEnroe) shot the kids, because I ran out of bullets," Anderson said.

As detectives continued to ask Anderson for more details, she started crying.

"I'm a bad person," Anderson said.

Then Anderson said she wanted the kids shot so they wouldn't have to live with the memory of what they had seen.

Detective: "You said, ‘Joe, shoot the kids'? That doesn't make any sense."

Anderson: "I said, we have to kill everybody, ‘cause I was afraid."

Detective: "And where did."

Anderson: "They see this, and then they live like this the rest of their lives. They're scarred forever."

Detective: "Where were the kids shot?"

Anderson: "In the head."

The line of questioning continued.

Detective: "What were the kids doing before they were shot?"

Anderson: "They were clinging to their mom screaming. Sorry."

Detective: "The one kid's pretty young. I mean, do you think he…"

Anderson: "I just thought if they saw their parents dead, that they'd be scarred for life."

Anderson's attorneys said before the trial she was not competent and said she has been uncooperative in her defense. 

If convicted, Anderson faces life in prison.



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