Something was fishy about her fresh fish contract



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Posted on November 8, 2010 at 7:49 AM

Updated Monday, Nov 8 at 2:11 PM

RENTON, Wash. - Sara Brinton's a busy mother, who's trying to school her kids on the benefits of eating well.

"We like supporting local farmers, fishermen and ranchers. It's fun for our kids to know where their food comes from and the food quality is great there's nothing like eating really fresh."

Unless that fresh fish comes from John Foss, then you're not eating much of anything. In June, Sara and her mother paid Foss $800 to receive 2.5 pounds of seafood for 16 weeks.

"After getting fish for 2 weeks, he started to have a lot of excuses about the truck breaking down or other problems that he was having," Sara said.
The only thing fishy coming Sara's way was the smell of John Foss' stories.

"A couple weeks passed and there was more excuses and more excuses and then he just stopped."

Sara called me.

"I'd like our money back, if you can work on that."

We got a hold of Foss by email. He couldn't get Sara her money because of some whale of a fishing trip he was on. He writes, "Down in southern Oregon..Coast guard inspected us and won't let us go back out without fixing our backup bilge pump."
It seems the only one pumping bilge was Mr. Foss. We checked his story with the Coast Guard. They told me they "Were not aware of a vessel that was terminated due to a damaged/inoperable bilge pump" in southwest Washington, Oregon or northern California during the week of Foss's email.

I looked for Foss down at Fisherman's Terminal. Nobody had heard of the guy. So I went another route to see if we could reel in a refund for Sara and her mom. I found out that the Sara and her mother paid Foss through 'Paypal.' In fact starting this month the company will offer full coverage for items not received both on and off Ebay. So 'Paypal gave the two ladies full for the money processed through their service. Now Foss on the hook to a much bigger boat.

"I'm glad that we got something worked out," Sara said.

Foss ended up telling us that he was hurt, broke, and his boats are broken down and he couldn't get something to Sara until after Thanksgiving. The problem, the deal was cut in June!

If you dealt with John Foss we'd like to hear from you. Drop me a line.