Redmond Knicks fan has slam dunk day



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Posted on March 25, 2009 at 11:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 23 at 8:47 AM

Video: Redmond Knicks fan has slam dunk day

REDMOND, Wash. - Nate Robinson is a high flying NBA superstar.

The Seattle native is the reigning slam dunk champion and is literally the king of New York playing for the Knicks.

One of his biggest fans is Redmond's Brandon Brown.

"I thought 'he's great,'" Brandon said. "Just thinking about him growing up around here going to Rainier Beach doing slam dunk contests, I thought 'whoa, I want to be like him. Grow up and be noticed.' He's my favorite player."

Last summer, Brandon participated in Robinson's basketball camp. While there, his mother Andrea and other parents shelled out up to $240 for a "fan club" package to a company called The membership included an autographed basketball, picture and jersey.

Brandon couldn't wait for it all to arrive.

"Almost every day he'd come home and run down to the mailbox, check the mailbox and come up and go 'no,'" Andrea said.

Tired of seeing her son's daily disappointment, Andrea called us. I didn't have Nate's number. So I called his mom, Renee.

She put me in contact with Robert Lowdon, one of Nate's local representatives. I asked Lowdon what happened in this case.

"We had a company take advantage of a situation," Lowdon said. "We had a company come to Nate's camp and ask what they could do with a fan club, a web-based fan club. It's not a relationship we decided to continue."

Lowdon says Nate ended the relationship with the company and had no clue it kept selling memberships.

"I was glad when you called because the last thing we want is people thinking, one, Nate has anything to do with this, and two, people that are unhappy and being taken advantage of," Lowdon said.

Later, we arranged a surprise meeting between Lowdon and Brandon.

"I apologize for what you've been put through, this is not what we strive for," Lowdon said.

He gave Brandon an autographed ball, two free passes to Nate's camp this year and an autographed jersey.

Now Brandon is flying high after having his own slam dunk day.

"I'm glad that Nate cares and it wasn't him that was doing it," Brandon said. "I'm really happy now I'm glad this worked out."