Embattled tax preparer still in business


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Posted on August 15, 2009 at 2:59 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 18 at 3:56 PM

Video: Embattled tax preparer still in business

An embattled Tukwila tax preparer is still in business and still not cooperating with customers. In a Get Jesse follow-up, some are now taking their complaints to the next level.

Some clients who feel they're getting shut out by the Tax Lady now decided to play hardball.

Lorna Walker-Fleeks, better known as the Tax Lady, has had a lot to say to me in the past. But now she's not saying much at all.

In fact she didn't answer the door at her Tukwila office.

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We're told several clients have contacted the feds asking for an investigation, claiming that the tax lady did not properly file their taxes or failed to return their records.

"I continue to get these notes from the IRS," said Paul Lash.

Paul paid Lorna Walker-Fleeks $425 to do his taxes last year. But the IRS sent an urgent notice saying he owed more than $3000 when he expected a $1400 return.

"They kept sending me these things saying 'You have not paid yet, you owe this much' and I'm going, whoa, wait, what?" he said.

Paul called the Tax Lady, and called again, but she never got back to him.

"Completely gone, unreachable, and I'm going, I do not like this, this is not good," he said.

Paul and others are now complaining to the agency that oversees IRS-approved agents.

"OPR, or Office of Professional Responsibility, will hear them out and take enforcement action from anything from reprimands to monetary fines," said David Flood, President, Washington Society of Enrolled Agents.

Paul's new accountant reduced his IRS debt to a few hundred dollars and he's still waiting for the Tax Lady to return his records.

"To have it all of a sudden completely collapse and go up in flames like this is completely unexpected," said Paul.

And for not returning clients' returns, the Tax Lady could face fines up to $25,000.

We'll keep you posted.

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