Weapons, explosives, heroin found stashed in Magnolia home



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Posted on April 30, 2014 at 11:12 PM

SEATTLE -- Local and federal authorities raided a Magnolia neighborhood home Tuesday morning, finding a stash of guns and rifles, body armor, explosives and heroin.  The man living in the basement apartment was charged in federal court, while the woman he rented from is in shock.

"It's pretty frightening to think about," the landlord said, asking to remain anonymous, "We woke up to having armored vehicles in our yard."

34-year-old Jorge Camps faces federal charges of distributing heroin and two counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

According to the landlord, Camps started living in the bottom floor of her three story home a few months ago, and from the outset, "I tried to get him out of the house over and over again," she said.

Late last week, a confidential source told Seattle Police Camps and two other men were selling guns and drugs out of the apartment, federal court documents allege.

Through that source, police were able to orchestrate a meeting to see Camps' inventory and negotiate a sale.  The source bought a submachine gun with a silencer and heroin on Monday.  Police raided the apartment the next morning.

Twelve firearms were recovered, three handguns and nine long guns, as well as a set of body armor, ammunition, Seattle Police patches, a badge from the Pacific Police Dept., explosives and heroin.

"It boggles my mind how he got all that stuff in our house," the landlord said, "It's not like I never went in the basement.  I looked around."

While she was surprised by the raid and what was found, she denies allegations her son was one of the middle men involved in the illegal sales.  This despite admitting as much to authorities, according to charging documents.

She is just glad the tenant she never liked is finally gone.

"I want to get (the apartment) cleaned up and get his stuff out of here and just put the whole thing behind me," she commented.

Camps is being held in federal custody.  No other charges have been filed.