South Lake Union rezone plan has towers up to 400 feet



Posted on June 26, 2012 at 8:26 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 26 at 5:40 PM

Seattle is in a building boom. There are now 20 different apartment buildings under construction and thousands more units coming.

The Downtown Seattle Association calls it unprecedented, and most of it is popping up at South Lake Union, an area transformed from a warehouse district to a high tech hub.

Look for nearly 12,000 more people moving in to the neighborhood, and the hub is getting higher.

At upscale Mirabella  condos, a group of seniors got the low-down on the Mayor Mike McGinn's rezone plan. The building heights will step down the closer you get to the lake, from 40 stories to 24 stories high lakeside.

"My gut tells me out with McGinn,” said Mirabella resident Henry Butler.

Many at Mirabella oppose towers  around the lake.

"We'll be just like any other neighborhood. we will not have a view of lake union, except for a few towers for millionaires who are right next to the lake,” said John Pehrson.

A lot of potential millionaires are already crowding the South Lake Union streets, drawn to Amazon and the coming apartments.

But rush hour is gridlock, with off duty cops directing traffic.

The mayor's zoning plan does not include added accommodations for more cars.

"Cars will be provided for, there will be streets, there will be traffic moving through the neighborhood, but we recognize that’s not the only solution,” said Seattle urban planner Jim Holmes

Mass transit is the mayor's answer for what will become a new little city in the city.

The rezone will be decided by the city council at the end of the summer