Seattle Central board votes to evict Occupy Seattle camp



Posted on November 23, 2011 at 9:35 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 3:18 PM

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) board room was packed with trustees and demonstrators at odds over Occupy Seattle Wednesday.
On the south end of the college plaza, 80 to 100 protestors have pitched tents and camped on the campus for nearly a month.
Some students say its time for them to go.
"I've been harrassed.  Four times," said student Jolee Nebert.
"We believe Occupy Seattle must move to a different location," said SCCC Student Council President Zack Robinson.
The college chancellor says the camp is unsanitary and unsafe.
"The use of alcohol and drugs," said SCCC College Chancellor Jill Wakefield.
With no law to restrict camping on a college campus, the board of trustees voted on an emergency rule to evict the occupiers.
But its wet and its Thanksgiving.
"You're talking about thanksgiving, they're on the front lines," said student Colleen Roman.
There was a final straw for the college board, Friday's attempted rape of a demonstrator in a tent.  However, on or off campus, the Occupy Seattle movement says the protest will go on.
"We might move into neighborhoods or forclosed homes.  This is not the end," said Stan Reed of Occupy Seattle.
The vote was on an emergency rule that Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna drafted on behalf of SCCC to allow the camp's removal on grounds that it posed a risk to public health. The school previously  cited the costs for security and cleanup.
SCCC officials said they would go through the camp next week to notify residents that they need to leave. Chancellor Jill Wakefield said the school hopes the Occupiers will leave on their own accord. If not, she said the school would contact Seattle Police and the Washington State Patrol to request assistance.
Wakefield said she hopes the Occupy camp is gone sometime next week.