SPD officer pleads guilty to cyberstalking his mistress


by Alison Morrow / KING 5

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Posted on December 17, 2013 at 7:46 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 17 at 8:10 PM

Seattle Police Officer David Blackmer plead guilty to a charge of cyberstalking/domestic violence in a Snohomish County courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

His attorney, Ryan Wood, calls Blackmer "remorseful."

"His understanding of his behavior and his accountability for his own decisions has been improved," Wood said.

Officer Blackmer has been on paid leave since this summer. According to court documents, Blackmer's mistress showed up at his house to tell his wife about their affair, so he threatened to "ruin her life" and "get back at her." The documents also allege that he created a Facebook page, posting salacious photos of her and the two together.

Prosecutors want jail time and a no-contact order, but they're also asking for punishment that could end Officer Blackmer's career by removing his right to carry a gun.

"As we would in any case where there is a domestic violence allegation and cyberstalking, to recommend that the person who is charged with that and pleads to it not possess a firearm in the future," explained Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Randy Yates.

Blackmer's attorney believes that sentence is simply too harsh. After time at a recovery center in Florida, Wood says, Blackmer's entirely different from the man he met months ago. He is working on his marriage and regularly participates in his church.

"The situation he's in in his life is greatly improved from where he was before this incident," Wood said. "We're hoping we can resolve this and have him move forward."

Blackmer will be back in court for sentencing on January 8.