Phoenix Jones ends superhero group, starts over



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Posted on May 29, 2014 at 11:26 PM

Phoenix Jones is a trained fighter, a self-proclaimed superhero and a crime-preventing street vigilante.

But tonight, Jones is sorry. His band of superheroes is breaking up.

"Yea, the team's over," Jones said. "The fact that we're being less unified, that sucks."

In 21st Century superhero fashion, Jones announced the end of his Rain City Superhero Movement (RCSM) on Facebook, writing: "THE RAIN CITY SUPERHERO MOVEMENT IS OVER."

After starting solo, Jones says, the movement grew so large, many of the off-shoots weren't always following the rules.

They lacked the physical fitness of an 8th grader, refused to give police their identity, and some even carried illegal weapons.
"Illegal knives, pepper grenades, smoke bombs, really crazy stuff," Jones said. "A lot of things we do are non-negotiable."

Those standards don't allow for rogue copycats, he says, like the red superhero who scuffled with an anarchist on May Day.

"Phoenix is our leader and he's set certain standards," explained fellow RCSM member 'Omega'.

It's too risky for their brand to have associations with groups that don't adhere to those standards. According to Jones, some superheroes told police they belonged to RCSM when detained.

"Anytime any superhero does anything wrong, my name gets mentioned," Jones added. "We set an example of what a unified team can do when they come up against a problem."

Omega is one of only four superheroes allowed to stay with Jones as he rebuilds RCSM with an updated logo.

"Our mission is to fight apathy. We want to be out there and be a symbol by fighting crime," Omega said.

From now, those five are the only official RCSM members. Jones didn't want to single out certain members and fire them, so he decided to crumple the entire list and start from scratch.

"If you don't see us, it's not official. It's not us," Jones said.

Jones says isn't opposed to welcoming old members back into the fold, but they must meet his requirements for superhero activism, like 5 pull-ups and 25 sit-ups in two minutes.

A superhero who once worked alone, Jones doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but he says, feelings aren't what superheroes are all about.

"I'm going to go out there with the most equipped, most protected, smartest team with the best tactical decisions I can, regardless of what that costs me personally," Jones said.