Pot shop security like 'a bank on steroids'



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Posted on July 7, 2014 at 11:07 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 8 at 12:16 PM

SEATTLE - Deb Greene has good food by her side, a good book in hand, and she hopes she will soon have some good pot.

"Now you get good stuff. You get it legally," Greene beamed.

Greene was the first person in line at Cannabis City, a Seattle store scheduled to sell recreational marijuana Tuesday afternoon.

An issue all pot shops in Washington face is security. It is a subject John Davis, the CEO of Northwest Patient Resource Center, knows well.

 "We have been open here for more than three years," said Davis during an interview in the back of his Seattle facility. "It is built like a bank on steroids."

Davis said in order to protect the people working for him, the pot, and the profits several layers of security are needed.

He pointed to a maze of circuits on the ceiling and said, "you can't cut in from above, you can't tunnel in from below. The system will pick you up before you ever manage to get inside."

Davis also has 14 high-definition, infrared cameras always rolling. The bullet resistant glass makes up part of the demolition resistant wall that customers first see after they walk through the front door. The facility is outfitted with motion sensors, heavy duty locks, and alarms. Davis said it is how you have to deal with cannabis in an all cash environment.

"Even if you dont keep it on-site people are going to have the idea that you do, so make sure you pay attention to security because the threat of robbery is real," warned Davis.

That is the message Davis would pass on to business owners in the legal, recreational pot industry. It is a message buyers like Deb Greene appreciate.

"I think they have paved the way for this," said Greene. "I think lessons have been learned."