Drivers forget Mercer Mess fix, turn wrong-way down Fairview


by KING 5 News

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 6:39 AM

Updated Monday, Aug 27 at 5:59 PM

With the new fixes to the Mercer Mess in downtown Seattle Monday, drivers will need to wake up and pay attention.

Mercer made the official switch over to two-way traffic Sunday night.

By Monday morning, workers reported more than 100 drivers who came off the I-5 ramps onto Mercer tried to turn the wrong way down Fairview Avenue.

Drivers can no longer turn left down Fairview. The first left drivers will be able to make is on Westlake Avenue.

Click here to see a detailed map of the Mercer Street changes

Workers say people are doing what they've done for decades and don't see the road block until its right in front of them.

There are more changes that come along with the Mercer Mess fixes. For a complete rundown, click here to visit the Seattle Department of Transportation website.

SDOT workers said they expect slowdowns along Mercer all week as drivers get used to the changes.

Mercer Street's new path is a straight shot to and from the freeway with westbound traffic, connecting to Broad Street on a ramp that will also open.  As a result, Broad Street between 9th Avenue and the new ramp will close permanently.
Work on the next phase of Mercer construction, west of Dexter Avenue, is also expected to begin in 2013.