Customers without power for more than 17 hours



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Posted on January 12, 2014 at 12:18 PM

After 17 hours without power, residents in Seattle's southwest Queen Anne Hill neighborhood watched their lights turn on around 9:30pm Saturday.

The dull drum of truck engines filled the neighborhood for hours, but the initial outage started with a quick, sharp noise.

"A really loud bang. It was just 'ka-wam!'" Joel Goetz remembered. "Like somebody picked up a car and threw it on our porch."

Just as the noise died, so did the lights.

"We were awakened at 4:15 this morning by a bright flash outside our bedroom window," Jack Mitchell said.

Queen Anne beared the brunt of Seattle's saturday power outage, with 6,000 of the nearly 34,000 customers affected across the city. .

"I'm getting in my car to sit here and charge my phone. We might drive around but mostly I'm charging my phone. It's getting cold inside also," said Sarah Busic.

One set of residents on a few blocks on southwest Queen Anne Hill watched for hours as their neighbors' power returned.

"Everyone around us has power. Even the people across the street have power," said Jim Beard. "So, we're the lucky few."

Beard's house temperature dove to 55 degrees as he passed the time sorting through paperwork by candlelight.

As much as people wished for heat and light, they  really missed their TVs.

 "We were going to host a little Seahawks party at our house," Goetz said.

Instead, they moved the party to Tacoma.

Neighbors estimate Saturday's outage was the longest they've gone without power in decades.

"I always love it when the power comes on," Beard said. "You appreciate what you didn't have."

City Light hopes to have power restored to all customers by 2am.